Simple Office Design Hacks That Will Increase Productivity


Entrepreneurs spend so much of their time trying to increase productivity from their staff, and though offering pay rises and incentives can help to some regard, one of the simplest ways to do so is through office design. Below, we’ve call center training pdf rounded up some simple hacks to help you…


Facilities management services such as cleaning can be depended upon to create a cleaner and more efficient working environment. On top of this, you can implement a decluttering policy at your workplace; staff must put away documents before they leave for the end of the day. The less clutter, the less likely staff are to become distracted – or have any excuses!

Add colours

Colours can have a significant impact on our mood, so choosing the right ones for your office environment are key. Blue is widely considered to boost productivity in the workplace, but if you are looking for something less in-your-face, stick to whites and greys. Encourage staff to inject some colour into their working environment with picture frames and drinks coasters.

Offer refreshments

Yep, seriously! If you have the budget to do so, offering refreshments is a great way to boost productivity in the workplace. Offer prepackaged snacks such as nuts, yoghurts, and fruit, and drinks such as water bottles, tea, coffee, and fruit juice. It’s relatively inexpensive and can have a real impact on productivity – staff won’t go hungry, and they’ll feel super valued.

Don’t overlook scents

Did you know that the way your office smells can have an impact on productivity? According to one study, pine can increase alertness, lavender keeps the staff relaxed, and citrus can lift and awaken the senses. Invest in some diffusers around the office and ask cleaners to use scented products, though be careful to consider allergies and causing unnecessary sneezes!

Turn up the thermostat

According to one report, offices are typically kept at 65 Fahrenheit (that’s 18 degrees to you and I), but a warmer office environment can boost productivity. Speak to your team and find a new comfortable temperature, and encourage your staff to wear jumpers if they’re too cold.

Think about air quality

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we think about air quality and ventilation for good. What’s concerning to hear is that 40% of workplace illnesses are as a result of poor air quality, costing billions due to absenteeism and inefficiency. Make sure you open windows when you can and install air filters. Staff can individually use air filters if they wish to do so.

William Castro