How to Register a Company Name in India

 How to Register a Company Name in India

Starting a business of any type requires you to create a company name and logo. This strategy is called branding which is used to identify your business. How to register a company name in India goes hand in hand on how to register a company there.

Requirements of a Company/Trading Name

  1. It must be unique.
  2. It should not resemble any other company that is already in operation.
  3. It must respect the requirements imposed under the Prevention of Improper Use Act 1950.
  4. You must prepare a minimum of four and maximum of six proposed trading name.

Once you have all of this, you can prepare the application form and all other documents needed. And then proceed with the registration. The following are the Indian incorporation steps to follow for your company to be registered:

  1. All investors in India must register their company at the Registrar of Companies (ROC), a department that works under the supervision of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.
  • A Digital Signature which is an encrypted key that someone uses to sign a document must be acquired. To get this, you may visit any of the nine certifying authorities’ websites.
  • Apply for a Director of Identification Number (DIN).
  • Filing of Incorporate India Company Forms or the Simplified Proforma for Incorporation Company Electronically (SPICe) structure.
  • Start registering under the Shop and Establishment Act. This is a requirement to ensure that local labor laws are fallowed but vary from state to state. It is a must to check the requirement in the area where you want your business to establish.
  • Most of the Indian banks require a current account to be used for commercial purposes. Ensure to open one for you.
  • Businesses that involve some form of commercial trade and exchange of goods and services across state borders and companies with an annual turnover exceeding Rs. 20 lakh must register for the Goods and Services Tax (GST).

How 3E Accounting India Can Help

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