Ethereum Over Bitcoin: Why ETH is Better than BTC 

 Ethereum Over Bitcoin: Why ETH is Better than BTC 

Ethereum may be the younger of the two, but against bitcoin, Ethereum surely has the firepower and the quality to be the better one. If you’re thinking about investing all your money into bitcoin, you might want to sit down and read this article and see if Ethereum would be a better choice. 


More people are thinking that bitcoin, the OG cryptocurrency, is always better other cryptocurrencies out there, whether they are tokens or digital assets. Bitcoin is the first major cryptocurrency and has been in the game for nine years now, while Ethereum is a very new currency platform that has been launched just a few years back. 

Even so, Ethereum offers some very cool technological innovation. The platform runs on smart contracts, which are quite new and revolutionary. At present, it is rumored that the smart contracts technology would soon be a part of the bitcoin platform.

Overall, because of smart contracts, Ethereum is more technologically useful, making it better than bitcoin in terms of technological soundness. 

Number of coins

Because Ethereum is still relatively newer platform than bitcoin, there is still much more availability of coins. For bitcoin, the total cap of the coins to be made is at 21 million bitcoins, making it a lot scarcer than Ethereum. 

Although people usually overlook the fact that Ethereum will remain an inflationary currency, there are around 92 million coins that are being circulated.  

Ethereum is the only cryptocurrency that doesn’t have any maximum supply limit. The availability and supply of coins are better in the side of Ethereum. 


Right now, the Ethereum-based fundraising platform is gaining steam, making it a great way to raise funds and capital. This platform is also helpful for gaining more exposure through the economically incentivized efforts.  There are different ways that the platform can implement great promotions, collect donations, and raise funds without incurring any additional costs. It’s possible for non-profit projects to be scaled up with ease. 

For instance, the Grace Ethereum platform rolls on the advocate incentive mechanism in which the users’ self-interest in linked with social considerations and offers the simplest of solutions to complex challenges. That makes social work culturally stable.

Meanwhile, bitcoin is global and decentralized, and only allows a person to send and receive bitcoins and therefore money to and from another person without having to deal with a third-party entity like a bank.


Bitcoin and Ethereum are both disruptive and game-changers.  These two cryptocurrencies have contributed to significant value gain in the recent years.  However, if you are going to compare bitcoin to Ethereum, you will find that the percentage of value gain is lesser in bitcoin. 

Even though bitcoin was launched way before Ethereum, and its value has firmly increased over the last years, Ethereum has also stepped up and saw big gains in value. Ethereum has recently sped up and it is expected to maintain its momentum, sustaining the gains over the coming years as well.

As for prices, the two cryptocurrencies’ prices are inversely correlated, which means if the price of one rises, the price of the other falls, and vice versa. If Ethereum can sustain its momentum over the year, then bitcoin will find it difficult to maintain its standing as the top digital currency. 

Clare Louise