The Business and the Taxes: The Long Connections

 The Business and the Taxes: The Long Connections


A survey of businessmen found that “with the employees of the tax authorities Average number of visits or required meetings for companies Who participated in studies conducted in both years, significantly Decreased from 8 (in 2005) to 0.5 (in 2008, under new tax legislation After implementation)“. A simple rule of paying taxes (in this respect Georgia ranks 64th in the world 9 ) and attractively low taxes The rates have facilitated the financial policy of the International Finance Corporation Implement the 3rd aspect of Triumvirate to increase the payer basement. It is true that there are no accurate data on the number of taxpayers we have, but we know it has grown radically. Use of the online tools such the income tax calculator has increased also.

Make the Discussion about the Tax

Discuss the results of the reform directly with the number of taxes levied According to can. If in 2003 in the form of taxes in the state treasury 1.19Billion (13.9% of GDP) entered, in 2008 it amounted to 4.75 billion $S (24.9% of GDP). Cash received from taxes the growth of funds is primarily due to reforms. As the former prime minister noted that “the country is at the tip of the Lifer curve”. The devil is in the details. Nevertheless, it was conducted by the International Finance Corporation Businessmen survey of as the tax system and the tax code found many existing flaws.

The Revenue Options

When the tax complaint is fully or partially satisfied, the Revenue Services obliged to send the corrected “tax claim” which has been received reflects the decision. According to the survey, 65 percent of those respondents whose complaint was fully or partially upheld, indeed received amended “Tax claim” (on the basis of which the amount of the deposit in full or partially returned to their account), the rest of the respondents said that they did not receive the corrected “tax claim”.

About the Revenue Service

The Revenue Service itself is well aware of its own weaknesses. Inside In the fiscal outline of the tax system for consumption much necessary issue has been identified. This document is especially then prioritized Separates areas because they need to be significantly improved: human Resource Management, Tax Audit, Taxpayer Management Systems, and Information technology, structure and organization issues.

  • Of course, the tax authorities are still in their infancy and, hence therefore, “problems with teething” are expected .Indeed, the fact that the tax authorities reveal their own weaknesses Work, indicates that there is a desire for improvement and problems Desire to solve. Their attitude towards businesses is less clear; especially when the state in recent years has been in business Implements a supportive policy.
  • For example, the tax authorities in connection with the businesses of “ruthlessness” show and fail to comprehend “the elementary requirements and limitations of their influence Businesses also have to conduct their activities under it”.


Often, when bank accounts freeze, the amount seized is exceeded Obligation established by the tax authorities. One of the firms, no money was confiscated, but his tax debt was only 15,000 $ was. It took 3 months to return the money to the account. Moreover, one small restaurant, whose owner is a foreigner, was deprived of $ 2,000 and, although Later the Revenue Service admitted the mistake, no amount returned. Instead the Revenue Service paid that amount the following year Write-off to meet the tax liability, thus forcing it into practice Businessman, was given an interest-free loan to the state.


David Curry