Clare Louise

Biggest Benefits of CRM in Singapore

The acronym CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRM is a technology that is used for managing interactions with potential customers of a sales company. With the help of a CRM system, organisations can maintain effective customer relationships and narrow down their process and make them more organised. This can help to boost sales and […]Read More

Is lab-grown diamond the right choice for you? Here’s what

Buying a diamond engagement ring is one of the biggest decisions as you are making significant investment on it. Usually, buying a diamond is a financial undertaking and so it’s quite true that you’ll want it to spend on the right things. However, it’s difficult for a common man to make the right choice because […]Read More

What is a Limited Liability Company?

A limited liability company is also known as LLC, and it is a business structure that is a hybrid of a corporation. The hybrid nature of a Limited liability company offers the features of a corporation. It effectively provides a shield of its members from personal liability due to the debts or the business. With […]Read More

Ethereum Over Bitcoin: Why ETH is Better than BTC 

Ethereum may be the younger of the two, but against bitcoin, Ethereum surely has the firepower and the quality to be the better one. If you’re thinking about investing all your money into bitcoin, you might want to sit down and read this article and see if Ethereum would be a better choice.  Technology  More […]Read More

Customer Relationship Marketing In 2020

Lately, just being able to attract new customers doesn’t cut it anymore if you’re looking to develop your business effectively. It is now vital that you keep your customers coming back, and that is where it gets tricky. More and more companies are working hard to minimize customer churn and develop a base of regular […]Read More

5 Smart Tips To Getting A Great Mortgage Rates in

You really need a team you can trust behind you when you are about to purchase a house. You should carefully and specifically choose your real estate agent to assess how they can improve your chances of buying the home you want, but you should also do the same with your mortgage lenders. If you’re […]Read More

Types of Assistance Provided by the Singapore Government for SMEs

The COVID-19 pandemic has had adverse effects on both the business and the work culture in Singapore. Companies are running out of revenues, and people are losing their jobs. The government has allocated $4 billion to help companies in the city-state to minimize the negative effects of Coronavirus. This will benefit both the firm and […]Read More

Kexburg is part of the revolution

Distributed warehousing has transformed the logistics and order fulfillment industry. And at Kexburg, we have leveraged this business-changing approach to help our business clients get their products to consumers. We are always on the lookout for new ways to make it faster and more cost-efficient for your business. So, when we learned about distributed warehousing, […]Read More