Big Mistakes to Avoid during international shipping

 Big Mistakes to Avoid during international shipping

International freight forwarders and shippers tend to commit a lot of mistakes. The outcomes eventually affect the parties. It is necessary to be aware of the steps and prevent any mistakes from happening. One of the main reasons why so many mistakes happen is because the forwarders tend to take every detail lightly and not pay attention to any necessary detail.

Over the years, there have been massive changes in the law. With rapid developments and changes in the law, it often becomes impossible for the shippers and freight forwarders to keep track of everything. No matter what you are delivering, it is necessary to note that if you commit a mistake, it may not be claimable.

Small mistakes have often caused big blunders. You must prevent the big mishaps from happening to ensure better knowledge.


One of the most common mistakes exporters tend to commit is the lack of license. The freight forwarders carry a variety of policies. Every policy is different, and small mistakes from the freight forwarders can lead to big mishaps. There are different policies available in the market that can eventually protect from human errors.

Often it may happen that the shipping company does not have any license. As a result, you must check with the shipping company about whether they have a license or not. If you are getting in touch with the shipping company through online resources, all details will be mentioned online itself.

Being aware

Being aware is the first step towards avoiding any inconvenience. No matter from which country your product is being shipped, it is necessary to determine the fact that all markings and documentation are done thoroughly. As a result, most of the shippers prefer ocean shipments via NVOCC that will keep a check through stages of cargo and dimensions of the shipment.


While labeling the products, it is necessary to ensure that the location of delivery is correctly delivered. There are usually two types of shipments dispatched, and you need to take care of each thoroughly. Every shipment is thoroughly checked for labeling to avoid any problem.

Large custom labels are applied to the boxes to avoid any inconvenience. It is extremely necessary to be aware of every aspect to ensure a better success rate.

The experts at Clearit import brokers ensure that through every small step, these mistakes can eventually be avoided.

William Castro