6 Proven Tips for a Successful Virtual Trade Show Booth

 6 Proven Tips for a Successful Virtual Trade Show Booth

Thanks to 2020, we have needed to move many of the traditional ways to market and grow our network to the online world. A virtual trade show booth has become the new norm for organizations and companies that want to continue in that world. 

If you’re looking for the best ways to hop onto the bandwagon and start a successful virtual trade booth, then we have you covered!

Virtual trade shows let you interact with attendees through webcams, webinars, and even let attendees visit your virtual trade show booth. 

Be sure to keep reading for our guide on six proven tips that will help you with a successful virtual trade show booth. 

1. Be Sure to Dress Professional or Coordinate

Whether you’ll be attending the trade show from the comfort of your own home or office, you will still see many of the attendees via a webcam. Since you’ll be seeing everyone, then make sure that you come prepared!

Either dress up for the trade show as you would normally or coordinate outfits with your team for a fun vibe. If your virtual trade show booth has a theme, then get outfits that go along with it. 

There are tons of options for how you can dress up, but make sure that you change out of sweats and into something presentable. 

2. Target Your Audience

When you’re thinking about virtual trade show booth ideas, you should already have your audience in mind. You should know your target audience’s demographics when planning out who you’re trying to attract. 

The best way to do this is by researching everything there to know about the trade show event. Who are the event coordinators, presenters, and any other vendors that might be at the event? 

If you know who your target audience is, you can tailor certain events to fit their interests. 

Unfortunately, you won’t have the organic feel of talking to event attendees when you meet them in passing. Yet, you can still talk with them in private one on one video calls to see what interests them. 

3. Customize Your Virtual Trade Show Booth Design

When you create a virtual trade show booth, you have endless possibilities. One of the biggest limiting factors with traditional trade show booths is money and abilities. Yet, online it is much easier to explore creative outlets when making your trade show booth design. 

You’ll be able to add images, videos, webpages, links, or anything else you want to include in your booth’s design. 

Something to consider when coming up with your virtual trade show booth ideas is that you will want to make sure attendees will recognize your booth and correlate it with your brand right away. Be sure that you create an eye-catching design but don’t go too crazy. 

You’ll also want to make sure that your logo is high quality and the videos you choose to include are impactful for the attendees. What can you incorporate to be memorable? 

Remember that attendees will see tons of virtual trade booths throughout the trade shows. Figure out the best way to customize your booth. Do something to make yours stand out! 

4. Virtual Trade Show Booth Games

A prominent way to make sure your trade booth stands out is by including a game for attendees to play. When they stop to check out your trade booth, then they will be welcomed with a bit of fun throughout their day. 

Yet, you might be wondering what type of virtual trade show booth games there are? 

Since they will be on a computer or other device, then there are tons of games that they could play! You can even make it so that they can win prizes. Whether the prize is a coupon code, swag item, digital gift card, or anything else you can think of, a prize makes your game even more fun for attendees. 

These games could be memory match games, spin the wheel games, slot machines, scratch-off cards, and so much more. Attendees will love the chance to take a break from the hectic trade show and play a game with your booth. 

5. Market Before the Event

Another way to make sure that attendees will know you’re going to be at the event is to market before the event. 

You can post your logo on the trade show’s website. Doing this will make it so that your brand is in front of as many people as possible. The event hasn’t even started yet, and people might already be looking into your business!

You can also market for yourself on your social media accounts. Be sure to talk about the event and let people know where they can sign up to attend. Doing this will get more people talking about it and interested in attending the event. 

6. Try to Know What to Expect

When it comes to virtual events there is going to be lots of new technology that comes along with it. Sometimes you might already know the software and programs that they will be using. While sometimes you might need to take some time to learn it. 

Be sure that you spend time before the event learning the ins and outs of the software or programs that will be used. Have someone that can troubleshoot for you if there were problems that arise. 

Events don’t always run smoothly, and there will be times that technology fails. Don’t let it stress you out! Problems can be solved, and you’ll be back on your feet in no time. 

If you know what to expect with the technology that you have, then you can also try to anticipate any problems that might arise. 

Having a Successful Virtual Trade Show Booth

Putting on a successful virtual trade show booth isn’t as hard as it would seem. Be sure to follow our tips so that your first online trade show booth is lucrative and outstanding for your business. 

You might even find that you enjoy trade shows online better than the traditional way of marketing and networking with other companies. 

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