We Pay the Best When It Comes to Diamonds

 We Pay the Best When It Comes to Diamonds

Selling valuable items for some quick income is a reasonable financial option. It is a tailor-made solution for cash, but not as easy as it may sound. Things get more complicated when what you are selling are diamonds. 

Selling Made Easy

The other day, a client walked into our Melbourne office and said, “Sell my diamond ring.” A regular pawnshop can dupe them or even humiliate the customer by undermining the worth of the ring. We handle the process differently –

  1. You meet an expert gemmologist at our highly secure and enclosed office space. We start by examining the diamonds intricately and evaluate their worth on the spot.
  2. You receive the payment upfront in cash. It takes all the hassle off your hands, as you want to sell your diamond ring reliably. 
  3. It is best to bring along any existing valuations and diamond certificates. 

The convenience we provide eliminates your reliance on trading posts and eBay. Neither do you have strangers coming over to your house, nor do you waste your time and energy listing the items online? In addition, you receive miscellaneous other benefits when in business with us –

  • Customers can avail of Free City Parking at our store, located in the heart of Melbourne.
  • Our store employs a full-time gemologist. You need not leave your items at the counter. Instead, you receive an on-spot evaluation followed by a quotation of the amount.
  • We emphasize security and privacy. You will not draw unsolicited attention as you sell your diamond ring.
  • Customers do not need to book an appointment before reaching the store. You walk in and receive the full array of services available and more.
  • We make the buying and selling of diamond jewellery hassle-free by dealing in cash over cheques. It makes everything more convenient.

Diamonds are forever, are they?

People have a personal attachment with diamond earrings, bracelets, and rings. We appreciate that diamonds are forever, yet when necessary, you may have to let go of your prized possessions. Our motive is to ensure you receive the right value. 

You can bring unwanted pendants, broken earrings, and worn out engagement rings to our table. Sell your asset in return for easy cash. We accept dull and outdated items with the same worth. It includes diamonds etched in different materials like silver, palladium, or platinum. You can also sell loose diamond stones that are chipped, old, or coming in different shapes and sizes.

Scoring a high valuation

It always helps when the paperwork accompanies the jewellery. You can bring the existing valuation papers and any certificates that substantiate your diamonds’ credibility and any other precious gemstones. Trivial differences in grading raise the amount you will receive for it. Hence, try to stick to the best practices to make the process seamless for both of us, and you get the value you deserve.

Get In Touch for Easy Trades

Concisely, you bring in a diamond ring for an immediate evaluation. We examine the item, quote a price, and seal the deal on the spot if you are on board. Our motivation is serving clients conveniently and quickly – words the customer selling their diamond ring can confirm.

William Castro