The Importance of IT Asset Discovery in Your Business

 The Importance of IT Asset Discovery in Your Business

Network equipment like computers and powerful software is increasingly popular in modern-day workspaces. As a result, businesses are handling an ever-growing inventory of IT assets. Keeping these assets organized streamlines IT operations in your business. That’s where IT asset discovery comes in. It maintains data integrity in your organization by regularly monitoring your hardware and software, keeping your systems updated, and fixing cyber vulnerabilities.

However, IT asset discovery in your business can be tiresome. It involves managing dozens of devices, software licenses, and numerous access points. That’s why working with a legitimate company like CentricsIT to handle all your IT needs can make things easier for you. The company offers customized IT asset discovery and management solutions, enabling you to focus on other crucial business activities. That said, here’s why IT asset discovery is vital to your business. 

It improves security in your IT infrastructure

With technology evolving fast, it comes with a new set of security threats to your business. For instance, unlicensed software in your systems is a potential source of malware and its related harms. IT asset discovery tools can scan your systems thoroughly to reveal such software modules. As a result, you eliminate the security threat before it harms your systems. Additionally, IT asset discovery scans your entire business network and systems, giving you a clear view of your IT infrastructure. That way, you can identify and fix any security issues like devices with unauthorized privileged access to your network. 

Enhances compliance with regulations

Using unlicensed software in your systems can lead to costly legal issues. The software owner can sue you with claims of stealing or illegally downloading the application, resulting in heavy penalties on your business. With IT asset discovery in your organization, you can check software licensing and compliance by tracking all authorized and unauthorized applications. Such knowledge helps you flag any compliance issues and resolve them fast before they get out of hand. 

It enables automatic syncs

Manually updating individual IT assets is a difficult task. Once installed in your business servers, an IT asset discovery application communicates with all devices connected to the business network. It then gathers crucial hardware and software details that enable regular automatic updates in existing assets. The automatic regular updates and syncs prevent potential security risks to your organization. They also reduce data clutter by eliminating redundant details on old IT assets. 

Helps provides a central database for all your asset needs

An IT asset discovery software performs regular scans on your network and collects the details in a central database. As a result, you can access the critical details of your IT assets from a single place, which is extremely useful should an issue appear in a specific asset or within the business network. Your IT team can easily resolve any issue by accessing a centralized and detailed database for all your devices and software. That way, you reduce the time to solve network or device issues in your business. 

Asset discovery streamlines your IT infrastructure by revealing security backdoors in your business network, shedding light on unlicensed software, enabling automatic IT asset updates, and providing a centralized database for all your IT asset needs. 

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