The 5 Elements Any Effective Online Compliance Training Program

 The 5 Elements Any Effective Online Compliance Training Program

Compliance training is crucial for businesses, as it ensures that employees remain updated with any changes and are regularly reminded of obligations. This saves companies a lot of money in the long run from any audits or fines due to non-compliance.

Unfortunately, even when conducted in efficient tools like True Office Learning, compliance training has a bad rap for being boring and another dreary activity that takes people away from work. However, certain elements make any compliance training program effective and engaging.

  1. Strategic Training Plan

Compliance training is usually conducted as a reaction to problems. For instance, the #MeToo movement launched hundreds, if not thousands, of anti-harassment training sessions.

However, it’s much better to perform risk assessments to identify any potential problems and work proactively through online compliance training programs to change corporate culture.

Compliance training is only a piece of company culture; the goal isn’t to only purchase and gives a training session, but to offer expertise and gather input among all different levels within the organization. Then, leaders must create a strategic plan that fits a good compliance culture and shapes the way employees see themselves and others around them at work.

  1. Fits Needs

Numerous compliance training programs offer modules in standard topics like anti-harassment and diversity. Such programs are essential but not the overall plan.

You shouldn’t just make employees watch videos and call it a day. We recommend consulting professionals who can create personalized training programs that suit your company, its culture, and the employees for better engagement and relevance.

  1. With a Plan for Continual Refreshing

Compliance is constantly changing, with industries like healthcare, law, data security, and financial services needing to stay updated. Such sectors will usually require restructuring and retraining because of all the policy changes and the like.

However, continual refreshing of compliance training will also be required in other industries as our society continues evolving. Behaviors accepted before aren’t the norm anymore, which is why we must continue updating the programs with every change. Ensure that you assess and improve the training’s content and effectiveness, so employees take in all they learned.

  1. Results to Measure

Training professionals know that delivering the training program doesn’t mean the process is over. It’s only a point from the continual process of analyzing results and reassessing needs to incorporate changes before delivering the refreshed training again.

That’s why compliance training must have measurable results to ensure leaders are aware and agree with the metrics. Everyone part of the training must understand and endorse compliance goals to make it truly effective.

  1. Comprehensive Communication

Of course, employees must understand how substantial compliance is for themselves, the company, and their careers. Because of that, leaders must communicate how employees are expected to act, among other topics related to compliance.

Wrapping It Up

These are the key elements that can make any compliance training program effective. Keep these in mind as you plan the next training session.

David Curry