Important Notification – New GST Rules For Digital Services In Singapore

 Important Notification – New GST Rules For Digital Services In Singapore

The brand-new GST is levied on digital services bought in large foreign providers-. They are:

Services that aren’t produced by an individual

Services that cannot be coupled with no device or possibly a internet connection.

(* Companies through getting an annual global turnover greater than S$countless and/or yearly purchase getting no less than S$100,000 price of digital services in Singapore)

So the GST tax isn’t in line with the service you buy, but on which you are purchasing it from (foreign-owned) and exactly how you utilize it. For instance, if you buy cloud-computing services from Microsoft Azure, you’ll be taxed 7% GST about this now. If you purchase exactly the same cloud services within the Singaporean firm or maybe a smaller sized sized sized niche company, then you’ll not need to pay GST about this.

Another services you will probably see taxed under this latest rule are Mobile Application based services, Anti-virus software, Web hosting services, Cloud storage, along with other software services for example ‘microsoft Office’, ERP software, marketing, accounting, or management tools, etc.

(If you’re unsure marketing provider falls under this latest rule another quick method of discovering ought to be to check their GST registration information online).

What should you do?

First, regardless if you are GST registered otherwise, you need to inform your merchandise provider that you’re incorporated determined in Singapore. For the reason that they might adding relevant GST part of your bill.


If you’re not GST registered, then you don’t have to a single thing further. Your bill increases by 7%, but aside from getting to cover it for the organization, you aren’t needed to accomplish anything further. It might be the business to gather the cash inside you and remit it to IRAS.

In situation your business includes a GST registration, then beginning The month from the month of the month of january 1, 2020, spent these funds for that IRAS. You need to send your GST registration plate for the organization and make sure they update it in their system. They’ll then not impose a fee the GST amount within the invoice rather it’s your option to cover 7% within the comparable to IRAS directly.

Key takeaways:

Beginning 1 The month from the month of the month of january 2020 spent GST on any digital service you buy from overseas providers.

Without getting GST registration, your provider charge many pays GST sum to IRAS themselves.

In case your enterprise is GST-registered, spent GST yourself.

In Conclusion

The brand-new rule isn’t that complicated, but you have to setup new processes and cope with extra documents. Do not concern yourself, an accountant los angeles or finance agency is often more than equipped to handle it. Just make sure to evaluate up it’s being implemented properly.

William Castro