Best Ideas for REITs Investments in Singapore

 Best Ideas for REITs Investments in Singapore

In Singapore, the period of financial crisis, characterized by a sharp drop in prices in the real estate market, is ideal for this type of investment. Before implementing the first investment plan, you should first familiarize yourself with the behavior of the participants in this market, including the proven tactics and strategies of experienced investors.

You should also conduct a thorough analysis of the current situation in the real estate market, ideally with the help of a professional. Below are some of the benefits of investing in real estate:

  • By investing in real estate, the investor creates a permanent source of passive income, which means making regular profits without additional costs and costs.
  • Free cash storage, protection against inflation and other negative economic phenomena.
  • Lack of geographical boundaries for capital investments. In other words, when deciding whether to invest in real estate, you can consider options for acquiring objects both in Singapore and abroad.
  • The possibility of carrying out large-scale long-term projects.
  • Ease of control and management, including the absence of cash or a bank account, which requires constant monitoring of the current market situation.

Factors that contribute to Success

Despite the great popularity of investments in residential and commercial real estate, the number of successful people engaged in this business has decreased significantly recently. However, public opinion on this line of investment as the simplest and most affordable way to preserve capital has not changed in the meantime.

Major players in this market often work through intermediaries who are true real estate professionals. Their task is to thoroughly study the question posed by collecting and analyzing as much information as possible on the object of interest.

When it comes to small-scale investment transactions, most investors do without the services of a real estate agent and the help of specialists so as to reduce their expenses. Let us now clarify the main points that every novice investor should know in order to invest profitably in the real estate sector.

The Situation of the General Market

The first phase is to study the current situation in the real estate market itself, including the trends in price change policies and the dynamics of the main processes. You can listen to the opinions of world-renowned investment professionals or consult an experienced specialist for personalised advice.

Repayment Period

Investing in real estate for protection from financial risks

To begin, it is worth remembering that only free funds are invested in long-term projects. Current trends in the development of the real estate market do not promise quick gains in this sector. Therefore, the usual speculative “buy and sell” method will not work here.

In addition, a number of other important points need to be considered.

How do you invest in real estate to protect yourself from financial risks?

For example, if we invest in the construction of real estate, we automatically agree with the possible postponement of the deadline, since, unfortunately, these delays are not uncommon today. In addition, the results will become attractive to future customers only after the completion of repairs in neighboring apartments. This fact will indefinitely delay the stage of receiving income from this type of investment.

As a less tedious alternative, you can choose a secondary housing, which is faster and easier to rent. However, its high price will lead to a significant decrease in the value of the resulting income.


Therefore, when deciding whether to invest in real estate, it is important to remember the long-term nature of the project and its slow return on investment. In this regard, the decision to buy an apartment in a new building with the last of one’s savings is strongly discouraged.

Alternatively, you can also choose to invest in less capital-intensive options like REITs. Visit Real Vantage and read their resources for more REITs related information at

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