What are the types of bitcoin blenders?

 What are the types of bitcoin blenders?

Anyone who seeks to anonymize their Bitcoin transactions often faces various tricks. In most cases, it is easiest to use specialized cryptocurrency mixers. Bitcoin mixers are divided into two types:

Centralized (also called tumblers) – have a governing body that acts as an intermediary. Most mixers of this type have a certain amount of bitcoins on their balance sheets, which they mix with their clients’ coins.

Peer-to-peer – work without the direct intervention of developers, service employees, or any other intermediary. It allows exchanging coins without intermediaries, directly contacting other users. The probability of fraud is extremely low. There is a range of protocols (CoinSwap, SharedCoin, CoinJoin), which give an opportunity for some users to unite and create one common transaction which occurs in stages. The complication of the operation occurs by increasing the number of mixes.

The centralized services appeared first, peer-to-peer – a little later. Nevertheless, it was the latter that gained the greatest popularity, since they are more reliable and improved.

BitMix – the reliable service for saving your funds

BitMix https://bitmix.biz/en is a fully automated cryptocurrency mixer aimed at maximum anonymity when working with bitcoin. The Bitcoin mixer mixes your coins with the coins of other users and the circulating assets of the service, thus confusing the one who wants to find the original address of sending BTC. This provides the anonymity of transactions and defends your assets as much as possible from possible surveillance.

The privacy policy of BitMix is proven by several points:

  • There is no need for registration and identity confirmation;
  • Transaction logs are liquidated after 72 hours;
  • The randomization function makes it difficult to analyze the blockchain several times.

For security reasons, it is recommended to use the service in conjunction with the TOR browser or VPN services to hide your IP address. It is also recommended to make transactions from clean wallets.

David Curry