Steps for Getting a Business Loan in Singapore

 Steps for Getting a Business Loan in Singapore

Businesses need low interest business loans to increase capital and expansion. The problem of cash flow can also be resolved by these loans. There are many types of business loans that businesses can avail of. The main thing is that they need to qualify the criteria set by the financial institution or bank which they have chosen to avail the loan. Here are some of the steps which they need to consider while taking the loan.

Need for the loan

Before applying for the loan, businesses need to think about whether they need to take a loan. They also need to think about whether the loan is needed or the problems can be resolved through the earning. The main purposes for which people need a loan are as follows.

  • When a new business has to be started
  • Managing expenses
  • Business growth
  • Safety of the business

Deciding the type of loan

There are many types of Low Interest Business Loans, which people can avail from banks and financial institutions like Capitall Finance. Getting a loan for a start-up business is very difficult, as lenders need to see the cash flow of the business along with repayment history. Such people need to use business credit cards to avail of a loan to start the business. People can also go for crowdfunding or they can ask their friends and family to support them for the startup. In the case of established businesses, there are a variety of financing options available. These options include term loans, SBA loans, line of credit, and many others. Businesses need to choose the type of loan as per their requirement.

Choice of lender

The next thing that the applicant needs to choose is the type of moneylender. Banks, non-profit organizations, microlenders, and other financial institutions like Capitall Finance can provide loans for small businesses. There are various types of loans provided by these institutions, which include term loans, lines of credit, and many others. People need to contact a business consultant to get information about business loans and suggestions for taking the type of loan and financial institution. The applicant needs to choose three to four institutions and choose the one, which provides the best services. He has to check the reviews about the chosen financial institution. Here are some of the tips for choosing a financial institution.

· Banks

Loans from a bank should be availed when there is no need for urgent money and the applicant can wait for the application to be processed. A good credit score is another reason for getting a loan from a bank. Businesses need to provide collateral for availing of the loan. The loans provided by the banks include lines of credit, term loans, and commercial mortgages. Getting loans for small businesses can be difficult because of many reasons like low sales, cash reserves, profit, and many other reasons. Collateral can also be a problem for such businesses.

· Microlenders

Businesses can go to microlenders if they are not eligible for a loan from any bank. Microlenders do not take any profit. The loan amount can be less than $35,000. APR is high on this type of loan in comparison to the loans availed from banks. Applicants need to prepare and produce a detailed business plan along with financial statements. Applicants also need to provide details about the places where the amount will be used. These entire things make the application a lengthy process. Such a loan is good for small businesses.

· Online Lenders

People can go for online lenders if they do not have any assets to provide as collateral. Such lenders can also be contacted if there is no time and need for money is urgent. The loans provided by online lenders are business loans and lines of credits. The loan amount provided is between $500 and $500,000. The APR ranges from 7% to 10.8%. The setting of APR depends on the amount of loan and the repayment time. Online lenders do not have any competition with the banks. The processing of the application is very fast and people can get the loan easily.

Qualifying the application

There are many things, which are required for the qualification of the application. Some of them are described here.

· Credit score

The first thing that is needed for the eligibility of the application is the credit score. Many credit card issuers can provide the score for free. People can also contact the score from credit bureaus.

· Tenure of the business

The lenders will also need the information about the time from which the business has been started. It is a good idea if this period is at least one year.

Need for the documents

After the approval of the loan, people need to submit the documents so that they can get the loan.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the steps, which people need to consider to get a loan for their business.

David Curry