Somebody Drove My Car And Got Into an Accident – Who is Responsible?

 Somebody Drove My Car And Got Into an Accident – Who is Responsible?

It can be a confusing situation if someone else has taken your car and caused an accident. You may be unclear about the insurance coverage and the limitation it has been restricted with. An insurance company lays down several conditions in terms of giving coverage, and a car owner needs to know his rights regarding an insurance claim to be safe and secure from unwanted compensation. 

Therefore, you are advised to get in touch with a Houston car accident attorney who will provide lawful advice on what can be done in your favor if someone has caused an accident using your property.

Things to keep in mind when someone else causes an accident using your car:


  • If the car was driven by a spouse (or anyone in the policy)


Although you did not drive the car and caused the accident, if your spouse or anyone included in the policy drove your car and caused the accident, the insurance company may be able to cover the damages incurred. Additionally, the accident caused by your spouse can be compensated only if they were in the policy, which means if they were excluded from the policy due to personal fights, then they may have to cover the damage from their insurance company. 


  • A driver who was permitted to drive by the car owner


Usually, if you had given permission to a friend or anyone to drive your car and they have caused an accident, the insurance company would not hesitate to provide coverage since the driver was permitted by the car owner who is insured. Although if the damage incurred exceeds your insurance limits, then the permissive driver may have to bring their insurance provider. In case the driver does not have an insurance provider, he is liable to compensate financially. 


  • A driver who caused an accident under the influence of alcohol


In most cases, an insurance company will not be able to provide coverage when a drunk driver causes the accident. Similarly, suppose a person has driven a car belonging to someone else and caused an accident. In that case, the car owner’s insurance company will not provide coverage, and the driver who caused the accident is expected to cover the losses incurred from his pocket. 

Therefore, an insurance company strictly follows its terms and conditions, and so a car owner must know his rights when seeking an insurance claim in general. 

David Curry