Leadership Presence: Projecting Confidence and  Credibility as a Leader- Richard Ghilarducci

 Leadership Presence: Projecting Confidence and  Credibility as a Leader- Richard Ghilarducci

To demonstrate as a leader simply having business insight, team management skills, and business acumen is not enough. According to Richard Ghilarducci, it requires a high level of confidence, and a commanding presence to influence others. Therefore being a leader, one needs to convey credibility, authority, and confidence to inspire and make an impact on others regardless of while leading a team, negotiating with customers, or placing a new idea. For budding leaders wondering about how to demonstrate those characteristics for leadership, here is a guide with tips to boast a leadership presence.

Know Your Audience

Before speaking, a leader needs to understand whom the professional is speaking to, the objective of communicating, and what the audience expects to hear from him/her. Richard Ghilarducci recommends spending some time to do some groundwork on the subject that the leader needs to speak on or address is a proven way for individuals in leadership positions to represent them in a team meeting, office conference, product launching program, board or dealer meeting, etc. Depending on the type of audience, leaders need to tailor their message to make the audience listen to them with trust and respect. Knowing your audience will help you craft a clear, relevant, and engaging speech that builds trust and rapport.

Be Precise, Concise, and Clear

Gaining credibility, respect, and establishing authority lies in how precisely, clearly, and concisely a leader conveys his/her message. Focus on the main points, necessities, or benefits or specify reasons while negotiating on any deal. Make sure to use short sentences while making the message simple and avoiding unwanted repetition, and meaningless language. According to the viewpoint of Richard Ghilarducci using graphical data, and visuals and referring to noteworthy examples of presentation, can be a great way to support the dialog.

Use Positive Body Language

Having a confident posture is the key to demonstrating one’s confidence level, and conveying a sense of empowerment while making a leader appear trustworthy. It makes sense to view certain clippings on YouTube to learn how leaders present them and showcase their leadership presence. For instance, standing with head and shoulders, arms wide, and feet shuffling is a great way to engage the audience and listen to his/her message with respect and trust.

While meeting in one-on-one discussion like at a negotiation table, a leader should have a smile on the face, keep eye contact, and sit erect while avoiding touching the face, or fidgeting. Make sure to speak with confidence with an open and positive mindset. While speaking, leaders need to showcase that they care about the subject, convey faith, and sincerity, and use humor, alongside examples in order to engage the audience on a personal and emotional level. This also helps promote relationships and a sense of bond.

Listen and Be Responsive

Speaking with a confident voice is not going to exemplify a leader. A leader is one who not only speaks but also listens and responds. An assertive leader needs to listen carefully and attentively to the audience, which displays their interest, concern, and respect. According to Richard Ghilarducci, in addition, leaders should respond constructively and attentively to queries, feedback, and comments while not getting annoyed, defensive, or indifferent. Listening and responding with respect will exemplify one in a leadership position and build credibility with the audience.

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