Do You Need Coin Op Laundry Machines, Post Pandemic?

 Do You Need Coin Op Laundry Machines, Post Pandemic?

Over the past several years, the pandemic has taught business owners to be prepared for just anything and be ready to adapt to a new business environment to stay afloat. While most businesses stayed afloat, some were forced to close down. For laundromats, the need for modern equipment from brands like Girbau North America has been most prevalent, but where does this leave the coin operated washing machine? While one may see them as a thing of the past, the pandemic has proven otherwise, and here is why.

They offer automated time management

When using coin operated machines, time is also taken into consideration. This means that your customers will use your machines for the amount of time they paid for. After the appropriate amount has been entered, the machine automatically integrates itself; once it the cleaning cycle is done, the industrial washing machine stops working and will resume working when new coins are inserted. This is an excellent technique to prevent your devices from sitting idle and wasting energy while they are not in use. Some machines can also be programmed to wash different materials such as utensils, not just linen.


With the growing need to protect the environment, using water and energy-efficient machines is just one of the solutions. And coin-operated machines are best known for their energy efficiency. Coin operated machines are more efficient than other washing machines since they consume less water. Regular machines require twice as much water as these laundry machines, using 15 gallons. This ensures that your machines are more environmentally friendly and long-lasting. They are useful in the current effects of environmental preservation and protection. Using upgraded coin-op machines is even better because they are more efficient, resulting in lower utility costs and longer serviceability. You may also utilize environmentally friendly items like detergents to make your services even more sustainable. Using an eco-friendly machine is also a bonus point for you since customers will value an environmentally cautious business.

Cashless Transactions

Technology is changing many things, and this means; even coin operated machines are going digital. Customers do not need to carry coins to pay for their laundry if using modern machines. These machines are designed to use a card purposely made for the machine to pay for their laundry. This offers a different payment solution for both customers and business owners. Remember that customers can only use this card to access laundry services. The customers just need to recharge the cards once the existing coins are used-up. This will make the laundry service delivery even more dynamic with self-service, but it will also help reduce and prevent cases of theft and evasion of payments by customers.

A coin operated washing machine with self-service makes your customers feel safe utilizing your services. Such machines are less difficult to run because they do not require human supervision. They also use less water while cleaning more clothes, making them environmentally friendly, sustainable, and efficient. With such machines, you can easily increase your income in the long run.


David Curry