Business 101: All about comparing different recruitment agencies!

 Business 101: All about comparing different recruitment agencies!

For most business owners and managers, the length of hiring cycle is always a matter of concern. From inviting & screening CVS and scheduling interviews, to following up with candidates and negotiating salaries, there are too many aspects to consider. While you may need a team of HR professionals for your company anyway, hiring recruitment agencies can ease the job. Companies like agence de recrutement Hunt work with organizations in Canada to offer specific staffing solutions, and it is a customized process for every client. For your help, here is a quick overview of how to compare recruitment agencies like a pro!

Check their work profile

The portfolio of a recruitment agency is the most critical aspect to consider. Ask questions like –

  • Who are your regular clients?
  • Do you offer staffing solutions for both temporary and permanent positions?
  • Which industries do you specialize in?
  • Have you worked in my niche?

These are just some of the common questions that are worth asking. Make sure that the company has some experience in your industry, because they are expected to follow compliance requirements for recruitments. If applicable, check if the recruitment agency is a member of relevant professional organizations.

Aligning expertise

The role of a recruitment agency extends beyond finding candidates and sorting CVs. These are professional companies that work with clients in a customized manner. A good recruitment agency will take its time and invest resources to know your organization. They will do what it takes to understand the work culture and general business ethics, so that they can find candidates who genuinely fit in. In other words, the expertise and work profile of the company should align with your enterprise, and that’s an aspect that cannot be ignored.

Check the basics

There are two key aspects of hiring recruitment agencies – retention rate and pricing. The cost of hiring must be considered, because that’s one of the first reasons why businesses choose to outsource human resource hiring in the first place. You need to know if the agency has a good retention rate, and if they can offer an assurance in this regard.

Finally, do check the terms and conditions of their services. The role of a recruitment agency is to ensure that clients get the right employees, but their work process and standards must be flexible to address different requirements. Also, they need to be capable of handling urgent staffing needs.

David Curry