Your Options For Tire Shredders

 Your Options For Tire Shredders

Every year, over a billion tires, are dumped and turned to scrap all over the world. The number continues to grow as the years come and go due to economic improvement and cheaper vehicles. However, proper disposal continues to be an issue because tires are not easy to get rid of. There are different types of tires, and some can take up to 80 years to finally decompose. That’s where a tire shredder comes in. It works hand in hand with recycling as shredding tires prepares them for proper disposal or recycling. Unfortunately, most companies who shred tires make money off rubber scraps instead of spending to get the tires disposed of.

Shredding tires also help you manage different rubber scraps, including off-the-road tires. In addition, it is environmentally friendly because reducing waste helps to promote sustainability. As many countries have prohibited the disposal of scrap by tossing it in a landfill or burying it, it makes sense to use a tire shredder to shred into small sizes. When purchasing a tire shredder, you need to be aware of the different options available to you. Below are your options for tire shredders and what their process and design look like.

Shear Shredders:

This type of tire shredder operates at a low speed. The shear shredder uses two shaft rotary knives to cut through the material of the tires efficiently. Then, it breaks it down into smaller parts that can be disposed of quickly.


Chippers come in two varying designs; they can be a single or multiple stage contraption. Chippers typically operate at high speed and use drums, rotary knives, and wheels in the process of cutting tire materials into chips. These chips make disposal and recycling easier for businesses and people alike.


This form of tire shredder comes with two different speed options. You can choose to run it at high or low speed. It makes use of plates, drums, wheels to shred the tires. Grinders use the abrasion process and sometimes combine it with compression to crush the tire materials.


These tire shredders come in different sizes and designs. The granulator makes use of units that utilize knives to cut the tire parts into final particles.


This tire shredder isn’t popular amongst many people. They are designed to tear the tires into small pieces. The specialty shredder makes use of a rotary shaft and at a low speed. The whole process takes place under very high torque.

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