Why Consider Roll Guard and Cradles

 Why Consider Roll Guard and Cradles

Perhaps you need to transport or store items such as shelves, paper or synthetic rolls, or even consumables. You’ll do well to use roll guards for packaging them. They are typically made from molded fiber material from recycled paper. Here are five reasons you should consider using a roll guard and cradle.


During transportation, goods are generally susceptible to damage from mechanical impact and weather elements. To protect your goods from damage, you should package them in guards and cradles; they are specially designed to withstand some degree of mechanical impact and can absorb moisture.

Sustainable Packaging

Roll guards from brands such as HC-sustainable are made from sustainable materials that reduce the negative environmental impact than the other types of packaging. Sustainable packaging reduces the burden that our environment carries to keep our human activities going.

Efficient packaging and Unloading

Using guards and cradles for your packaging needs can significantly increase the loading and unloading efficiency. Cradles hold goods of various shapes in place and allow faster movement of packaged goods. You can also save up on labor costs when you use cradles to package your goods since you’ll need fewer hands on the job.

Save Space

Cradles are compact and occupy less space in shipping containers than other packaging solutions. That gives the benefit of stacking more goods at a time and saving up space for other uses. With cradles, you can maximize the height of shipping containers and trailers.

Cheaper Costs

Roll cradles are relatively cheaper to purchase and deploy. Since the recycled materials are easily sourced, production costs are reduced, and when combined with a reduced outbound freight cost, can significantly lower your logistics budget.


Cradles are aesthetically pleasing. Fewer packaging solutions offer better aesthetic quality than cradles. It is positive for your brand image, as a business owner, to package goods in a way that shows neatness, efficiency, and promotes environmental safety.

Do More with Less

Roll guards offer excellent benefits and yet, they do not require much to make or recycle. The cost-effectiveness of the packaging solution can make an overall positive impact on your brand. They are also excellent for private needs and will withstand most impact and conditions within your store.

Sustainable packaging is impacting the logistics industry positively. With roll cradles taking the front seat in driving meaningful changes, you will do well to position your brand for the future.

Paul Watson