Steps to Successful Data Center Relocation

 Steps to Successful Data Center Relocation

For different reasons, you might need to move your data center to another facility. Whether you use third party maintenance providers or your in-house tech team, it’s important that you follow some crucial steps to ensure your data migration is a success. Here are some of the best practices to help you plan a successful data center migration.

Decide What to Move

You might be required to purchase new equipment, move some equipment or move everything to your new location. The move is a great time to phase out the older equipment and get new and modern equipment. However, moving equipment can be risky because if anything breaks during the move, you might not get the system running on time. Before you start moving, it is essential to go through all the contracts with your hardware and software providers. Can they move with you? Do you need to be terminated? There might be limitations based on compatibility issues and the location of your data center. Even then, you will also need to adapt the equipment to the new space. You can visit to know how best to perform your data migration. A data center relocation will allow you to explore efficiencies and look at what will work for your new facility design.

Review The Environment and Perform Equipment Inventory

Before you unplug or take down all your equipment, make sure to pull system logs and inventory documentation. Check if the equipment is in excellent working condition and record if new equipment has not been logged. After that, you must set up or adjust the recovery or backup time. Ensure that you have a physical backup and one in the cloud. Test your disaster recovery strategy as you prepare for the actual move.

Gather Your Team to Make the Move

Schedule your moves around a less stressful business period, such as an upcoming product launch or the start of an internal project. Make sure that move happens during off-hours. Make sure that you have access to the necessary building areas. Assign your moving team in terms of the leaders, physical movers, and digital teams to monitor that migration system. Design a comprehensive relocation plan for the moving day, including what and how you will move, installation, backup plans, and testing. Recognize the risks involved in each step and seek to minimize any business impact. Ensure that you have maximum security during the migration to keep your team and equipment safe.

Documentation and Testing

After you have installed everything, begin testing. Ensure that you check the equipment in the new facility against the inventory list to see if you misplaced anything during the move. Check off your lists of applications and systems to ensure they are running as they should and check if the replacements are in place. Do a complete audit of the project to evaluate the move’s success.

There’s a lot to keep track of during a data center migration. These steps will help you make sure that you perform successful data migration with minimal loss.



David Curry