Shipment of A Horse – Tips to Help You with The Easy Relocation of Your Pet

 Shipment of A Horse – Tips to Help You with The Easy Relocation of Your Pet

Making a relocation when pets are involved is quite a difficult task. If the pet is the small one like a cat or dog, then you can just make necessary arrangements and get them sedated till you reach your destination. However, if the pets are the big ones like a horse, then many things should be considered before the transportation.

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How to Ship a Horse?

Here are some things that you should consider before planning the horse shipment.

1.     Prepare an Emergency Kit

Many unforeseen events might arise on the way during the transportation of horses from one location to another. The best way of tackling all such events is by taking an emergency kit with you. The emergency kit should have some important medicinal inclusions such as scissors, antibiotic ointments, cotton wraps, duct tape and so on. Remember to keep the emergency kit in an easy-to-access place.

2.     Book an Appointment with the Veterinarian

The important factor to consider is to book an appointment with the veterinarian in the new location. You should keep the file containing the medical history of the horse prepared before you visit the vet’s clinic.

You can research and find the name of the best veterinarian in the new address and book an appointment or can take help from the websites that offer the names of the best vets in any location.

3.     Look for a Farrier

Periodic maintenance of the hooves is a must when it comes to horse grooming. Hence, you should find the best farrier in your new locality as early as possible, since you cannot delay the maintenance of the horse hooves.

Before showing the farrier to the horse’s location, it is suggested to make an acquaintance with them and let them know about your horse. Book an appointment as early as possible, as most of the farriers will be pre-booked for weeks.

4.     Stress Free Relocation

Just like any other pets, horses also require some time to adjust to the new environment. The best way of making the relocation a stress-free one for them is by creating the familiar environment in their boarding facility.

Horse Shipping Trailers

The best way of shipping the horse is in a horse trailer. As the name says, the horse trailers will be groomed in such a way that it will have all the needs as required by the horse from the time it leaves your doorstep and reaches its destination.

The horse trailers will be cost effective and will not cost you more than $3/mile. Proper care will be provided to the horse to make the shipment an easy one. The shipping service will even offer insurance which will include every amount from the time the horse leaves your house, till it reaches its new address. 

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