How To Sell  Your Antique Gold Jewellery

 How To Sell  Your Antique Gold Jewellery

Inheriting good jewellery is something special more so when it is antique jewellery. Antique gold jewellery is charming because it is usually one-of-a-kind pieces  With a rich history in heritage. These pieces are usually timeless and passed down from generation to generation. This kind of jewellery is  timeless and irreplaceable. For instance, great-grandmother’s wedding ring passed down to you or your grandfather’s quirky gold watch he claims to has been passed down from some old relative for centuries may be too valuable to be sold to just any gold buyers. Besides the sentiment attached to such pieces, they are often more valuable than most gold jewellery. The process of valuing antique gold is different to valuing any regular gold jewellery pieces that you buy from your regular jewellery store. When the time for parting with that prized possession because of an immediate need for money make sure you are dealing with legitimate gold buyers with lots of experience with antique jewellery.

What is antique Jewellery?

The terms ‘antique’ and ‘vintage’ are often used to describe things that are old. But how old does jewellery have to be to be considered ‘antique’? Try 100 years old. It should also consists of gems and be linked to an era, like the Victorian or Edwardian eras. Vintage jewellery on the other hand has to be at least two decades old and be made of precious metals and precious stones like diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, etc.

Important things to keep in mind when selling antique gold

Determine what it’s worth

When selling any kind of gold jewellery, you need to know its purity. Since gold is soft jewellery is often made from gold combined with other alloys to make it durable. It’s easy to tell what the purity is if the piece is hallmarked. You can usually find the karats (purity) of a gold item stamped somewhere on the item itself. It’s even better when your jewellery comes with papers proving authenticity and provenance.


The value of antique jewellery depends on it’s condition. Just because it is old. It doesn’t have to be dilapidated. Jewellery that has been well looked after will have a better resale value.

Time Period

What era is your antique jewellery from Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian? You may not be sure in which case you should get an expert to establish the period for your piece. Most antique gold buyers will give you this information for free. You could also try taking your jewellery to your local jeweller or pawnshops. They normally have appraisers who are more knowledgeable.


What type of jewellery are you selling? Is it earrings, an old brooch, a necklace or an old watch? Size and looks matter. You should get an expert to appraise your jewellery and give you an estimate.

Getting an appraisal

Before you sell you’d antique gold, you should get it appraised first. Antique designer jewellery pieces are usually worth more. Make sure that you get an appraisal from a certified professional and a gemstone grading. And if all else fails and you can’t get a premium you know you can always scrap it at your local gold buyers.

William Castro