Ensure your Safety with CTMS

 Ensure your Safety with CTMS

CTMS – Capital Traffic Management System is one of the Capital Traffic Control Specialists. Everyone hates a busy rush hour or never-ending traffic. Quite often we are unable to find ourselves in the proper work zone which results in inefficiency of work. More often than not in the rush hour, the safety of the passengers is compromised. Maintenance of the work zones is not maintained. CTMS handles this perspective in a well proficient manner. They collaborate with the team and provide their experienced and invaluable knowledge on the implementation and maintenance of safe work zones, something whose value is quite depreciated these days. They meet the essential levels of safety without compromising the individual requirements. 

Why choose CTMS?

  • CTMS is heavily enriched in the experience of traffic control systems of a wide variety ranging from billion-dollar P3 projects to small-scale operations.
  • CTMS ensures a safe work zone and productive area without disrupting the normal surroundings of other road users such as vehicles, traffic, construction workers, pedestrians, cyclists, etc.
  • CTMS provides all the expertise on the safe zones along with providing safety, the core foundation of all core values.
  • If the situation demands, CTMS can contact required municipal and transit services in order to obtain information in the required time.
  • CTMS monitors required traffic management and suggest the necessary changes accordingly.

Services of CTMS

There are various kinds of traffic specialist services that CTMS provides. Some of them are: 

  • Traffic Control and Protection Plans: These provide customized traffic control plans and protection according to the needs of the client.
  • Implementation of Traffic Control: The team arrives on spot to carry out the necessary implementation of traffic control plans.
  • Lane Closures and Sign Installations: CTMS themselves provide a team that carries out the necessary lane closure equipment, road closures, detours, and temporary work zone signs.
  • TMA Trucks: Crash Mounted trucks are provided for your needs.
  • Sales of Traffic Control Devices: CTMS provides all types of traffic control and Management devices for supply and installation at various rates. The types of equipment vary from signage to TC 54’s and everything in between.
  • Traffic Management Solution and Site Maintenance: CTMS works with the team to develop and provide detail and implementation in the traffic systems. Not only after the initial traffic control is set up, but they also monitor the system and make necessary changes to ensure the safety of workers. 

David Curry