Biotech Investor Relations Consulting

 Biotech Investor Relations Consulting

Biotech companies worldwide are gaining in popularity and brand value. The investment in biotech companies is nearly 10 % to 15 % lower as compared to other companies. Why is this so? Is it because biotechnology is a very complex science, which investors find difficult to follow? Are people not willing to risk investment in biotech companies? Is the corporate communication strategy not proper. Does it cater to the target audience? Small-time and big-time investors are hesitant to invest in biotech companies, especially biotech startups. Institutional investors also are keeping a cautious outlook on biotech companies. Here is where biotech investor relations consulting from companies like LifeSci Advisors comes into the picture. Communication is key. The aspect for biotech investor relations consulting is the communications strategy. Good communications strategy leads to fundraising, recruitment, and brand value advertisement.

The biotech company corporate narrative needs to incorporate messaging which is investor-focussed. Messaging should not be only about technology. Value addition and value proposition the technology brings forward need communication. An investment thesis needs development for strategic messaging. Before fundraising, forge relationships with potential investors. Develop an outreach plan which details milestones.

Investor outreach needs consistency. Repeatedly tell your story over and over again. Have conferences, exhibitions, advertisements, and any other means to get the message across. Broadcasting the investor message has no duplicates. A tremendous amount of effort and hard work called towards the outreach. Get the best team on the field for this purpose.

Who is the audience in biotech investor relations consulting? What are the business objectives? The target audience is the medical, scientific community, patient community, potential partners, investors. If a pharma partnership is a requirement, then business partners need to be targeted. The clinical study requires clinical investigators needs targetting. The corporate narrative needs to be compelling and audience-specific. A press release has a wider audience and hence needs to be reviewed thoroughly before release. It can make or break a potential investment.

Multiple funding is needed since the biotech industry is capital intensive. Technology and its results need to be the focus points. Messaging should convey how a technology investment can reap benefits in the long term. Communication materials should also focus on the technology aspect in putting across the message. Messaging should convey the importance of the investment opportunity. The focus needs to put across the opportunity will reap benefits in the long run.
In the management team, credibility plays a role. Investors value the quality and credibility of the management team. Communication needs to hit the nail on the head. The message of the management team is crucial for the first round and successive rounds of investment. Who would invest if the management team is not qualified or credible? The majority of biotech company investors are scientists who look deeply into technology. Proper corporate communications need doing to target this audience.

In biotech investor relationship consulting, early messaging, building investor relations, and investment thesis build-up is crucial for multiple funding. So go ahead. Plan early, and have strategic communication and messaging for repeated funding and brand value enhancement.

David Curry