Paul Petersen

5 Non-Negotiable Qualities to Look for in the Right Social

In today’s digital age, any company or brand worth its salt will need an active social media strategy that engages followers through both content generation and conversation – all while remaining authentic so they can maintain loyal customer bases who expect this from the very start of engagement. But modern consumers know better than to […]Read More

A Simple Guide To Building Your Startup Brand

If you’re starting a business, then chances are you don’t have the money for a million-dollar brand. Most startups use a simple brand guideline to set up their visual brand, and that’s it. But at the end, you would notice something doesn’t feel like it’s in place. Most times, it’s because you didn’t communicate your […]Read More

Advice On Texas Workers Compensation Coverage

Running a venture comes with a slew of responsibilities. From production to finances and marketing to human resource management, a ton of legwork goes into the smooth working of a company. Any miss-outs could lead you into problems. For this reason, it’s vital that you pay heed to all facets of your organization. Texas workers […]Read More

All You Need to Know About Algorithm Financial Trading Strategies

For beginners, the stock market might seem to be a chaotic thing. However, in real terms, it is an effective process that promotes the buying and selling of securities. The vast computer network has made it more simple and easy to understand. Much of copy trading can be done with little human intervention. Investing in forex trade is much […]Read More

Look for You Legal Rights in case of Tax Submissions

The Ministry of Finance has published for public discussion the package of changes in the tax laws, which will come into force on January 1, 2020. Texts are both in the direction of reducing the administrative burden and establishing stricter rules against tax avoidance practices. The Changes that You Would Need The changes in the […]Read More

Guide to Opening a Business in Singapore

To open a business in Singapore, the first thing you need to do is to settle on the type of business entity. Sole Proprietorship is a one-person company. It is the ownership of an individual, and they will be liable for the debts and loss. However, they will also make all the profit. A Partnership […]Read More