Month: <span>October 2020</span>

Know Types of Deaths Covered and Not Covered Under Term

Term insurance provides the financial stability to your family in your sudden absence. Your nominees receive the insurance benefits in case of an unforeseen event occurring during the policy duration. Before you buy a term plan, you must know which types of deaths are included and excluded from the policy: Death inclusions Natural causes Your […]Read More

Look for Company Setup Processes in Dubai Now

To create an offshore company, customers start by registering the company in the jurisdiction they choose, and the customer must have his domicile outside the jurisdiction in which the registration was made. For a company to be considered an offshore company, it must conduct all of its business outside its registration area. If not, it […]Read More

A Young Professional’s Guide to ULIP Investment

Young people form around 34% of the population in India. Besides this, 46% of the youth comprise the country’s working force.It is advisable for them toinvestin a financial product that can help them increase their wealth over time. One of the best investment instruments available for the younger generation is the Unit-Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP). […]Read More

The Business and the Taxes: The Long Connections

  A survey of businessmen found that “with the employees of the tax authorities Average number of visits or required meetings for companies Who participated in studies conducted in both years, significantly Decreased from 8 (in 2005) to 0.5 (in 2008, under new tax legislation After implementation)“. A simple rule of paying taxes (in this […]Read More

Ethereum Over Bitcoin: Why ETH is Better than BTC 

Ethereum may be the younger of the two, but against bitcoin, Ethereum surely has the firepower and the quality to be the better one. If you’re thinking about investing all your money into bitcoin, you might want to sit down and read this article and see if Ethereum would be a better choice.  Technology  More […]Read More